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Felicia has always enjoyed being physically fit!  She recently placed 1st in Figure Masters' class in the 2018 Phil Heath Fitness Expo!  She began training in 2003 to compete as a bodybuilding and figure competitor for National Physique Committee (NPC). And, In 2004, Felicia placed 1st in Figure class taking home the trophy. Felicia is a Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor.  She advocates eating healthy foods, adequate sleep and resistance and cardio training.

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Jerelde enjoyed playing football and basketball as a teenager and eventually went on to play for the Army basketball team while serving in Seoul, South Korea. In 2009, Jay started working out and hasn’t stop. Jay enjoys kick boxing, High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and resistance and cardio training programs.

Felicia and Jerelde are passionate about informing, educating, and motivating. They have dedicated their lives to fitness and living healthy lifestyles. Marriage and Muscles provides healthy meal prep services as well as many others products and services. Marriage and Muscles serve as Mentors in their community and to their clients.





Marriage and Muscles is here to help married couples get healthy and stay healthy all while promoting marriage.  They also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines.



Marriage and Muscles provides healthy and delicious meals made for everyone.  Whether you are just trying to shed a few pounds, preparing for a bodybuilding competition or getting ready for another important event or day in your life. Marriage and Muscles is here to help. Please contact us at (469) 394-3258 or for meal order details.

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